Fashion Communication at SID

Fashion Design courses at Symbiosis Institute of Design

Fashion Communication is emerging as a growth area in the new world order, and forms the complimentary and a very exciting segment of the fashion industry. With globalization and the retail boom the Indian markets are flooded with scores of domestic and international brands, companies and designer labels. Each one of them has realized a need to develop a unique brand identity and maximize its visibility. This has opened up numerous career avenues for designers of fashion communication who will work on design strategies, brand promotion, portfolio building etc.

The curriculum includes areas such as graphic design, visual merchandising / retail experience design, exhibition and display design, event management, photography, styling, advertising, public relations and creative writing specific to fashion and lifestyle industry.

The graduating students emerge as dynamic professionals equipped with a high skill level, knowledge and concept base acquired from faculties, juries, integrated term projects etc. Eminent speakers, industry projects, internships keep the students current with the industry demands and therefore capable of offering innovative and commercially viable communication solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The white light of Fashion passes through the prism of the fashion industry to endorse its offshoots like Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Promotions, Films, Videos, Print and Journalism. It's no more remained in the industry as an untapped career resource.

An exhilarating field, this area in the fashion industry opens lucrative openings in the areas to develop illustration, packaging, computer graphics, photography, and fashion event planning and production.

Fashion Communication covers a diversity of opportunities in marketing, advertising, public relations, and journalism and has long been considered one of the industry's untapped career resources. Students in this area study illustration, packaging, computer graphics, photography, and fashion event planning and production. Students get to participate in a unique and highly respected course of study. May it be a niche of visual merchandising, styling, graphic design, display and exhibit design or creative writing Fashion Communication enables a greenhorn to develop his skills by installing his identity in any of such areas to emphasize the assets of the fashion industry.

Our students carrying high profile in the professional market undoubtedly launch a frame work of their own to endow with an extremely effectual communication solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Trend Forecasts, Fashion Journalism, Public Relations, Fashion Advertising, Style Consultancy, Store Events Management, Catwalk Shows, and exhibiting Fashion Product in Galleries are a few vicinities our students broadcast their skills and expertise.

Course Structure
Code Course Credits
Semester 3
050221301FC Information Collection and Analysis 3
050221302FC Design Processes and Thinking 4
050221303FC Introduction to Photography 2
050221304FC Fashion Studies 5
050221305FC Visual Merchandising for Fashion Retail 4
050221306FC Introduction to Graphic Design 4
Total 22
Semester 4
050221401FC Digital Design Tools - Visual Media 4
050221402FC Visual Identity Design 4
050221403FC Pattern Sense and Draping 3
050221404FC Materials and Processes for Fashion Retail 4
050221405FC Media and Advertising for Fashion 3
  Elective (Choose any one from 406 and 407)  
050221406FC Fashion Styling 4
050221407FC Typography and Publication Design
Sem Total 22
  Craft Documentation* (12 days)  
Semester 5
050221501FC Craft Documentation Presentation 2
050221502FC Fashion Branding 3
050221503FC Fashion Appreciation 4
050221504FC Basics of Event Design and Planning 3
050221505FC FC Project - 1 6
050221506FC Inter Discipline Elective - 1 4
Total 22
050221507II *Integrated Disaster Management 1
Semester 6
050221601FC Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Retailing 3
050221602FC Advanced Event Design and Planning 5
050221603FC FC Project - 2 8
050221604FC Portfolio Making 2
050221605FC Inter Discipline Elective - 2 4
Total 22
Semester 7
050221701FC Design Management 4
050221702FC Design Internship Presentation 1
050221703FC Fashion Forecasting 8
050221704FC Recent Developments in Fashion Communication 2
050221705FC FC Project - 3 10
  Degree Project Proposal Study  
Total 25
Semester 8
050221807FC Degree Project - FC 25
  Sem Total 25
050221810FCC Floating Credit Courses 12
050221811GIP Global Immersion Program 12
Total 37
Grand Total 200