Fashion Communications College in India | SID Pune

Fashion Communication is one of the newest and most exciting avenues to open up in the fashion and lifestyle industry. With globalization, a number of prêt and luxury brands have mushroomed in the Indian retail market. Moreover, in today’s competitive scenario, the success of a brand is measured by its unique identity and experience, thus creating a great demand for fashion communication professionals.

The 4 year Fashion Communication programme at Symbiosis Institute of Design covers areas such as graphic design, visual merchandising, exhibition and space design, branding and publication design, event design and art direction, fashion and trend forecasting and fashion styling specific to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Upon graduation, the students are well versed with the knowledge to interrogate fashion through research and practice and contribute to the future direction of fashion and lifestyle industry. Many graduates start their own independent design practice, while others work as fashion stylists, retail space designers, visual merchandisers, event and set designers, art directors, fashion and trend forecasters, brand visualizers and graphic designers.

Our graduates work in all aspects of the emerging global fashion and lifestyle industry, with brands such as Yash Raj Films, Delloite Digital, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, Genesis Luxury, Levis, Nida Mahmood, Love and other Bugs, Aastha Sharma, Riya Kapoor, Pernia’s Pop up Shop, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Encompass, Showtime, JWT, Ogilvy & Mather, Upasana, Ami Patel, Quirk Box, Happily Unmarried, Three Minds, Yellow Fishes, Studio J, Purearth Organics and many more.

Course Structure
Code Course Credits
Semester 3
050221301 Information Collection and Analysis 3
050221302 Design Processes and Thinking 3
050221332 Flexi-Credit Course 3
050221333 Visual Merchandising for Fashion Retail 3
050221334 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
050221335 Introduction to Photography 2
Total 17
Semester 4
050221441 Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Retailing 3
050221442 Flexi-Credit Course 3
050221443 Materials and Processes for Fashion Retail 3
050221444 Digital Design Tools - Visual Media 3
050221445 Fashion Styling 2
050221446 Visual Identity Design 2
Total 16
Semester 5
050221501 Craft Documentation internship 2
050221568 FC Project – 1 5
050221569 Basics of Event Design and Planning 4
050221570 Fashion Appreciation 3
050221571 Craft Documentation Presentation 2
050221572 Fashion Branding 2
  Inter Discipline Elective - 1 3
Total 21
050221502 Integrated Disaster Management * 0
Semester 6
050221661 FC Project – 2 6
050221662 Advanced Event Design and Planning 5
050221663 Media and Advertising for Fashion 3
050221664 Portfolio Making 1
  Inter Discipline Elective - 2 3
Total 18
Semester 7
050221701 Design Management 4
050221702 Design Internship Presentation 3
050221724 Fashion Forecasting 7
050221725 Recent Developments in Fashion Communication 5
050221726 FC Project - 3 1
 050221727 Degree Project Proposal Study 1
Total 21
Semester 8
050221808 Degree Project - FC 18
  Total 18
050221801 FCC 12
Grand Total 160