Fashion Designing at SID

Fashion Design in India has come a long way since the past two decades. Given the vibrant economy and dynamic market forces, the fashion industry will only grow exponentially. In view of this there is a growing need for fashion designers who are professionally trained. This programme provides focused inputs on fashion apparel design. It imbibes the ability to canalize creativity along with an understanding of textiles, ornamentation techniques garment construction and manufacturing techniques in tandem with the industry requirements, where design has earned a focal position.

The curriculum harnesses design acumen which addresses all niche segments ranging from exports, couture to Pret-a-porter lines for the flourishing Indian Brands/labels. It requires walking on a tight rope appeasing aesthetics of global consumers, with a unique Indian essence. You will be guided by systematic and sequential design exploration, hands-on experience enabling you to conceptualize and create draped, tailored and composite garments of superlative quality.

Fashion Designing course prepares students to pursue careers as fashion designers, free lance design consultants, stylists, costume designers, fashion forecasters, illustrators, entrepreneurs, academicians, fashion merchandisers and buyers.

Course Structure
Code Course Credits
Semester 3
050221301FD Information Collection and Analysis 3
050221302FD Design Processes and Thinking 4
050221303FD Introduction to Photography 2
050221304FD Elements of Fashion and Illustration 6
050221305FD Socio-Psycho Aspects of Clothing 2
050221306FD Pattern Making and Garment Construction – I 3
050221307FD Fabric Study - 1 3
Total 23
Semester 4
050221401FD Fashion Rendering and Illustration 3
050221402FD Pattern Making and Garment Construction - 2 4
050221403FD Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising 5
050221404FD Fabric Study - 2 3
050221405FD Textiles and Surface Craft 6
Total 21
Semester 5
050221501FD Craft Documentation Presentation 2
050221502FD Styling and Advanced Illustration 3
050221503FD FD Project - 1 6
050221504FD Draped Design 4
050221505FD Advanced Garment Finishing Techniques 3
050221506FD Inter Discipline Elective - 1 4
Total 22
050221507II *Integrated Disaster Management 1
Semester 6
050221601FD Advanced Garment Construction 5
050221602FD History of World Costume 3
050221603FD FD Project - 2 8
050221604FD Portfolio Making 2
050221605FD Inter Discipline Elective - 2 4
Total 22
Semester 7
050221701FD Design Management 4
050221702FD Design Internship Presentation 1
050221703FD Fashion Forcasting 8
050221704FD Recent Development in Apparel Industry 2
050221705FD FD Project - 3 10
  Degree Project Proposal Study  
Total 25
Semester 8
050221808FD Degree Project – FD 25
  Sem Total 25
050221810FCC Floating Credit Courses 12
050221811GIP Global Immersion Programme 12
Total 25
Grand Total 200