Master of Design (M.Des)


The Master of Design (M.Des) specializing in User Experience Design is being launched from Academic year 2017-18. This master’s programme offered by SID will be of two years duration and 100 credits. The master’s degree (Master of Design - M.Des) would be awarded by the Symbiosis International University (SIU), Pune, which is established under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956 vide notification No. 9-12/2001-U.3 dated 10th November 2006 of UGC, Government of India.

Master of Design in User Experience Design at SID is a very unique and state of the art programme. This is a full time programme, which touches various aspects of Designing for Humans and Experiences. Design is the intermediary between information and understanding. To understand Experience in technology one has to design an affordance bridge.

Masters in User Experience Design aims to create a unique balance and combination between different design disciplines. Our approach gives a complete immersive education emphasizing on continuous explorations and design by practice.

This program will enable students to understand various aspects of design disciplines right from Product Design to Visual Semantics, moving images and how sound can tie down these element in order to generate an engaging interaction between User and System. Eventually, students will be able to create systems, which can trigger human sensing capabilities.

The ability to reason that assesses the problem and analyzes the possibilities for solution. It is the analytical process that relies on method and logic to assess, refine, and verify its various hypotheses. At SID, this reflects in the evaluation methods of the student's project based assignments on the basis of daily performances. We think very highly of introspective aspect of design education and encourage same through our faculty mentors.


Course Structure (BATCH 2017-19)

Code Course Credits
Semester 1
  Orientation Program  
0502212101UX Skills and Techniques in Design 4
0502212102UX Visual Representation Study and Visualization Techniques 5
0502212103UX Form Studies and Semiotics 4
0502212104UX Studies of Perception in Motion and Sound 5
0502212105UX UX Design Lab 1 - Form and Experience Design Project 4
  Inter Discipline Elective - 1 4
Total 26
  IDE - 1 Courses  
0502212106UX Game Design  
0502212107UX Innovation through Design Thinking  
0502212501II Integrated Disaster Management 1
Semester 2
0502212201UX Information Science and Design 4
0502212202UX Interaction Design 3
0502212203UX Cognitive Psychology in UX 4
0502212204UX Embedded Prototyping for Experience 4
0502212205UX UX Design Lab 2 - Information and Affordance Project 5
0502212206UX UX Design Lab 3 - User Centered Research & Prototyping Project I 5
Total 25
Semester 3
0502212301UX Usability Testing Methods 4
0502212302UX Design Research Methodology and Seminar 6
0502212303UX Critique and Reflection 5
0502212304UX UX Design Lab 4 - User Centered Research & Prototyping Project II 5
  Inter Discipline Elective - 2 4
  Total 24
  IDE - 2 Courses  
0502212305UX Business in UX  
0502212306UX Human Factors in UX  
Semester 4
0502212401UX Degree Project - MUED 25
  Total 25