Study Tour

Study Tour is a trip by a group of pupils, usually made for educational purposes. At SID, students of the first year Foundation, seek an opportunity to be an integral part of this education. Sites such as Ajanta, Ellora, Paithan looms have been explored by the students. Team projects are executed which are primarily research based. Site sketching, gathering historical importance, collecting archeological references and evidences are a few aspects of this exploration. Students render these projects in a team that builds their team spirit. Yoga retreats have also been arranged for their moral and spiritual growth.

How does Study Tour help the students?

Being non - academic in nature these study tours help the students to explore their artistic skills and understand the design hidden behind a certain component that belongs to Indian Heritage. These components are categorized chronologically and product analysis is done from a design perspective.

Professor Mr. Prasanna Khamitkar, the guide for Socio- Cultural Study, along with other faculty personally accompanies with the students enabling them to carry out their research topics to enhance their skills in research methodology.

Study Tour Reports

Bhimashankar Study Tour Gallery


Projects furnished as an outcome of such study tours are creatively presented by the students in form of a jury. The best projects finally add to the value collecting hub, the library, in form of Archives. The photographs clicked by the students of batch 2008 at Ajanta and Ellora have formed a concept for the Calendar 2010 for Symbiosis International University. This theme has indeed incorporated a rich value to promote Indian Heritage and its assets carry the gospels of morality presented in form of an art of a rich value.

Student's Feedback

The depiction of the design principles in the ancient caves that exist to this day show us how a strong foundation can withstand the test of time, and how design forms an integral part of history.
- Priyank Kumar (Batch 2008 - 2012)

Our trip to Ajanta and Ellora was the appropriate mix of fun and insightful learning. While walking in the caves intricately carved and laden with culture, one feels transported to another world and time. While some felt extremely spiritual, others enjoyed the incredible handwork. These ancient caves leave one wondering about the mark humanity and religion has left in time.
- Anuska Rauniyar (Batch 2009 - 2013)