Frequently Asked Questions regarding Portfolio
  • I don't have a professional portfolio. What do I do?
    You can upload best of your work showcasing your skills and passion in design. Click best pictures and make 15 slides of your work. Include interesting and unique work you have done.
  • Till what date I can upload my portfolio?
    The portfolio upload has already started from 11th May 2020 on our website. However, you can upload portfolio 2 days prior to your PI session.
  • Where do I upload my portfolio?
    Visit our website we have given a quick link and steps to upload your portfolio.
  • What should my portfolio consist?
    Your portfolio should contain best work of the skills, passion and interest of various techniques used in area of design. Visit our website to know all details related to Portfolio Guidelines.
  • What is the size of portfolio which I can upload?
    Up-to 3MB.
  • What is the format of portfolio which needs to be uploaded?
    Click good pictures of your best work, compile them in PowerPoint presentation of maximum 15 slides, convert it to PDF upto 3MB size.
  • I have made hard copy portfolio. It's completely hand made. How do I upload it? Can I show you during the PI round?
    You can click best pictures of best of your work and compile it in PowerPoint format and convert it to PDF. You have to upload it compulsorily on the website on the given link before your PI round.
  • Will be able to upload portfolio if size exceeds 3MB?
    No. The upload limit is up-to 3MB.
  • What should I name my portfolio while uploading?
    Your name and SEED ID
  • Can I make changes to my portfolio after uploading?
    No. Portfolio once uploaded cannot be deleted or re uploaded.
  • Can I include my CV or Certificates of achievements in my portfolio?
    Yes, if you wish. But as per requirement, 15 slides of your work skills should be included. Apart from that you can add additional information. However, the size should not exceed 3MB.
  • I have come to my hometown. All my artworks are left in my hostel. How do I make my portfolio?
    Put in whatever best work you have right now with you. Try to create fresh artworks and include it.
  • Can I submit portfolio after selecting my PI date?
    Yes, you can. Portfolio can be submitted 2 days prior to your PI session.
  • Do we have to submit work related to our specialization chosen in the portfolio?
    Not necessary. Submit best of your work showcasing your passion for design which highlights your skills. Mixed medium work can be submitted.
  • Can we compress the PDF to zip file and submit the portfolio?
    The portfolio has to be in PDF format compulsorily.
  • Can the slides exceed 15 slides criteria in portfolio?
    Yes, you can include more slides but it should be up-to 3MB size.
  • I have lot of creative work in video and audio format. How do I put it in my portfolio?
    You can put screenshots of video work and if asked during PI session, you can show video and audio to the panelists.
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Personal Interaction
  • I don't have a laptop. How will I appear for the Personal Interaction?
    You can download the app we would be using for the PI session on your smartphone with good internet connection.
  • When do the slot booking start?
    15th May to 17th May 2020
  • Where do I find the link to book my PI slot?
    On our website
  • What are the PI dates?
    20th May to 25th May 2020
  • Do I have to draw or make any article during my personal interaction?
    You can be asked. You should have basic stationery including pen paper pencils available with you during your PI session.
  • What software do we need for Personal Interaction?
    You will be intimated about the same through email. The details and link will be sent to you on your registered email address.
  • How do I register myself for PI?
    The link will be available on our website from 15th May 2020 to 17th May 2020. You will have to book your slot.
  • When will I receive the link for the personal interaction?
    Once you book your slot between 15th May to 17th May 2020, you will receive a link on your registered mail id thereafter.
  • How will I join the personal interaction?
    You will be intimidated about the same through email. The details and link will be sent to you on your registered email address.
  • Do I have to keep ready any material for personal interaction?
    You should have basic stationery including pen paper pencils available with you at home during PI.
  • What is the format of the Personal Interaction?
    It will be one to one interaction happening through video conferencing software.
  • What will be the duration of PI?
    Approximately 15 minutes
  • Do I have to draw something very complicated during the PI?
    You will be asked to draw something keeping in mind time frame. You need to have basic stationery ready whatever is available with you at home.
  • Do I need to have Admit Card during PI?
    Yes. Admit card will be checked before PI round. You need to have print copy or soft copy ready.
  • What is the dress code for PI? How much body ratio should be visible during PI?
    Smart formals. Like visible in passport size photograph.
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Admission Process
  • As written exam is cancelled, what about the fee paid for the same.
    The fee for SEED of Rs. 1750 will be refunded to your account soon.
  • I have not received modified admission process email.
    Kindly send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • I have given wrong email id during registration.
    Kindly send your correct email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • I forgot my password of email ID I gave during registration.
    Request you to retrieve your password by opting for forgot password option on or send alternative email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • When will I get the Admit Card?
    The admit card will be available on our website on 19th May 2020. You will have to download and keep a hard copy or soft copy of the same during the PI session. This is compulsory for your appearance for PI round.
  • When will you declare the result?
    The first merit list will be declared on 29th May 2020 on institute website.
  • What is the total marks for the exam?
    100. The portfolio has 60% weightage and PI session has 40% weightage.
  • Is there any change in student intake for this year?
    No. It's the same as mentioned in the website.
  • How many merit lists will be declared?
    Depends on the cut off this year
  • Will you follow the reservation policy this year?
    Yes, you will find details on our website.
  • Is the entrance exam same for Nagpur and Pune institutes?
    No. The entrance process for SID Pune and SSPAD Nagpur are different.
  • If I don't make it to the merit list for the Pune institute, will I be able to take direct admission in Nagpur?
    No, you will have to appear for admission process at both institutes as their processes are separate.
  • I am unable to login to book my PI slot. It shows user invalid. How do I Login?
    Please use the credentials which you got in the Initial mail, when you registered for SET. The Login ID is your SEED ID number and your password will be the one that you most recently updated, if you didn’t change your password please use the one which was given to you in mail by SET. In case of any difficulties please get in touch with our helpdesk on 044-40492211/ 210. You can also use forgot Password to retrieve password by going to the SET Portal
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Programme & Fees
  • When will the programme commence?
    The programme for 2020-21 start date will be announced soon.
  • Do I have to pay the entire fees at one go?
    You can pay in 2 installments. More details are available on our website.
  • Can fee payment date be extended?
    The fee payment for merit list candidates will be between 29th May 2020 to 5th June 2020. The fee payment date will not be extended except under exceptional circumstances with prior approval.
  • Is there any way to change the 1st preference in the form?
    No. You can change after 1st year but according to the conditions and policies of the institute related to your performance, attendance and availability of seat in the discipline.
  • Can I secure my admission without paying fees?
    No, that would not be possible.
  • What if I want to withdraw my admission after fee payment?
    Visit for refund policy
  • Do you have semester exchange programmes?
  • Which universities do you have a tie up with?
    Leeds Beckett University - UK, Swinburne University - Australia, Carlos University - Spain, Ontario International Network which includes several universities in Ontario, Canada.
  • What is the placement percentage?
    We provide placement assistance to all those graduating students who opt for it. Upto 80% of such students get placed.
  • Do you have placement drives at campus?
    We provide placement assistance by calling companies on campus and sending out student resumes to companies off campus. We maintain a company data base to assist students with this task.

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