Jagrit Seth, a student of Film has won second prize at Craft Council of India's "One Min Moving Art" Film Contest

Video Film Design student Jagrit Seth has won second prize at CCI (Craft Council of India) "One Min Moving Art" Film Contest held at Russian Cultural Center, Chennai on 26-July-2014.

The Kinnal Craft is practiced in Kinnal Village, close to Koppal in Karnataka, South India. In 2014 Jagrit Seth and his colleagues executed a ten days long craft documentation project. In this project the students interacted with the craftsmen, researched about the craft & documented the entire process along with the essence of the place where the craft took birth. This video shows the process of the Kinnal Craft to preserve the method for the future generations.

Click on the video below to view "The idols of Kinnal".

Special Thanks: All the Artisans from Kinnal

Direction, Camera and Editing: Jagrit Seth
Assistant Camera: Pooja Dash
Field Work and Creative Support: Anuttara Misra, Gargi Mhatre, Pragati Tripathi, Ritupriya Basu and Somdutta Pal