Pune Design Festival (PDF)

Design has the power to transform the world. Designers, today, are agents of social change as well as leaders in finding solutions for humanity. They are serving in a far more challenging but ‘urgently needed, greatly expanded and socially more responsible’ role in the world today by creating communications, products and experiences that impact quality of living. The power to create – form, process or product has the power to transform cultures, enhance education values, cultivate communities and build a nation. From urban planning of cities and towns, to a product in the healthcare field, design is intersecting our lives on a daily basis.

In the tenth year of Pune Design Festival, we look at the way the power of design can be raised exponentially, and where it can take us. Join us as we decode the premise of the present and the promise of the future.

The 10th Pune Design Festival will be an opportunity to reach out & network with Design Professional, Design Academicians, Technology experts, Progressive Thinkers from diverse domains, Corporate Leaders, Innovators and Students of Design & Engineering.

Autodesk Pune Design Festival