Shabdotsav 03-04 Feb 2018

Symbiosis Institute of Design

SIU and FICCI FLO Pune have collaborated for Shabdotsav 2018, a literary festival to be held in Pune on 3rd February & 4th Febraury 2018 to offer a space for conversations on topics and themes relevant to our times.

Pune, the Oxford of the East hosts a multicultural student community from across India and the world, and it is also the root of the Marathi literary scene – the Punyabhumi. Both fronts have been the avant-garde for the production and development of new and exciting cultural movements. Shabdotsav 2018 will bring authors, opinion leaders, students and the local community together to create a collaborative, shared cultural space.

There has been a flourish of creative expression by writers and other artists, who have fashioned communities and spaces for discourse. Shabdotsav 2018 will showcase this indomitable spirit through author interfaces, panel discussions, live performances, workshops, and many more events.

Literature has always been a lens through which we see and experience the world. It draws us out of our own limited spaces and invites us to broaden our horizons. The festival will celebrate an array of expressions through an exploration of popular and canonical literature.

Shabdotsav 2018 hopes to bring the community together for much needed conversations.


For more info visit Shabdotsav website