Riyaaz 2019 - 18th & 19th March

Riyaaz 2019

Drawing is the very first writing of the mankind that has set communication designers free to convey ideas, demonstrate functionality, visualize user flow, and illustrate anything that requires human interaction. Rough scribbles on a paper trigger the next creative design and development process of ideas for successful design. The designers who can easily illustrate his/her ideas or concepts with distinguishable and comprehensive visual statement will obviously win the intended client.

‘Sketching and Drawing-2’ at GD/SID has featured a lot of constructive lectures, presentations, interactive demonstrations, assignments and group tasks. It is always fascinating to see how our students transform their spatial perception and visualization into the functional and successful design work.

Displayed works are significant outcome of student’s disciplined practice with our assignments for thumbnail sketching, composition and lay out, analytical constructive drawing method, relative scale and proportion, development of product packaging, rapid time sketches, human figure drawing, medium rendering techniques, photo-realistic and non-photo realistic illustration techniques with the promising approach towards the presentation.