UX Students of SID use Eye Tracking

Symbiosis International University

User Experience (UX) Students of 3rd year SID used eye-tracking for their projects on 27th March 2019.
Experimental research methods have a rich academic tradition both in psychology and marketing. In countries using advanced research methods, several studies on consumer judgements and decision-making have been conducted using very sophisticated experimental deigns. Traditional research allows us to understand the mindset of consumers as it is at the moment, but does not offer an understanding of how judgements and behavior may change as a result of manipulating specific decision variables. Therefore, researchers trained in the use of experimental techniques are the need of the hour now. The Marketing and Behavioral Laboratory at SIBM, Pune is the only behavioral lab at Symbiosis International University and second in the country among private institutions. It serves as a facility for both academic research as well as bespoke research on behalf of organizations that may be interested.

UX Students using Eye Tracking