Vinay M. Mundada


Vinay M. Mundada is the Director associated with Symbiosis Institute of Design since August 2006. He is a Production Engineer from VJTI Mumbai University and has Masters Degree M. Des in Industrial Design from the prestigious Industrial Design Centre at IIT, Bombay, Mumbai. He has vast experience in the field of design and related education and consultancy as well as an administrator.

Being a good leader, he tries offering gratitude to those who are trying hard to do the right thing for the set up. By appreciating his co-workers, he ensures to encourage them to continue doing the right thing.

As believes in creating a positive atmosphere, he possesses clear vision and a goal for the institute and strives hard to develop an inclination to implement innovative ideas for an upliftment.


"Every Design institute needs to have its own philosophy. At SID we are working on a model, where, along with training in design, the students learn about art, craft, technology, finance and entrepreneurial skills. This is being achieved by leveraging the globally established strength of Symbiosis in management education. The curriculum at SID, which is an optimum combination of art and craft skills, science and technology knowledge and its application in the contemporary context to the global user, has been designed by a team of design academicians and design professionals.

This is complemented by the "Symbiosis Design Cell" which runs from within the institute. This cell provides design consultancy to the industry. This cell, not only helps in earning revenue for both staff and students, but also maintains connection with the industry. This activity provides a foundation for increased exposure to the industry and ultimately helps placements.

Over the past years, we have observed many excellent ideas being generated as part of students' work. Some of these ideas have good commercial potential. We are working towards setting up an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cell which can help students in getting long terms benefits from their ideas.

We all at SID would like to invite you to take this rewarding journey into the world of design and explore unlimited possibilities!!!

Vinay M. Mundada Director, Symbiosis Institute of Design