Fundamental 2012


Definitely one of the most enjoyable college fests, Fundamental (FDM) is the annual college festival of Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID). Being a college full of ambitious, aspiring designers from various streams of design, our festival is brought to life by unfathomably creative events, elaborate installations, fantastic exhibitions of student work, dancing, the all-popular ambient events and an energetic, vibrant, hyperactive crowd. Hence Fundamental comes to you as more than just a regular college fest, it's a Design Festival!

Entering its sixth year, Fundamental promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Whether it's the concentrated publicity of sponsoring an event such as the Dance Show, the Fashion Show or the Film Festival, or the omnipresent publicity of the title sponsor, or various other publicity opportunities, being a part of a festival like FDM with a crowd as diverse, unified and strong as ours would be a hard chance to miss.


This year things get turned around! This year we rotate, cast, jerk, pitch, spin, toss, twist, exchange, interchange, switch and alternate our minds! This year we do things the wrong way around! We go back and relive our lives the way we wanted to!

It's about the time when everything is possible and the craziest ideas seem absolutely feasible. It's about that time you once wanted to do that one thing you never did.

It's about thinking, dreaming and doing what you want to do deep within your heart.It's about changing your past. Fundamental 2012: Flip.Start

However, our theme is not just as simple as going crazy. It represents a deeper, more core value than just that. It represents the Design Though Process. On a very simple level, design is our all, our bread and "makhan", our professions, our style of living... our lives. So this theme is a standing testament to the way we work. The three steps of design.

  • When we flip out with ideas, go mad thinking, doodling, ideating, envisioning, and all completely unbound, unrestricted, let our minds go, falling back into the abyss of thought.
  • When we stop, realize, come down to earth, see the feasibility of it all, structure, engineer, plan, and budget.
  • And then, we start. We work, we create and we make it a reality.

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