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Programme Educational Objectives

We equip our graduates with

  • Proficiency in domain specific skills and knowledge.
  • Logical and critical thinking empowered intellectual and creative abilities.
  • Research orientation and innovative practices for real world problem solving.
  • Sensitivity towards Socio‐cultural, political, economic and environmental considerations.
  • Develop professionalism and entrepreneurship.
  • Adaptability to the changing trends in design practice.

Programme Outcomes

Our graduates will be able to

  • Demonstrate specialized knowledge and skills from within a specific design discipline.
  • Use domain knowledge and employ design thinking to systematically understand, analyse and evaluate information and ideas to generate viable design solutions.
  • Explore and distil sources of available literature and derive relevant concepts by developing own points‐of‐view and apply aesthetic principles to design problems at hand to present work visually with clarity in speech and writing.
  • Develop awareness about current socio‐cultural, political, economic, environmental events and trends to study and understand problem at hand.
  • Gain working knowledge of finance, costing, IPR issues, global issues, sustainability etc. by developing an attitude for independent and life‐long learning.
  • Demonstrate the ability to choose and apply an appropriate technology by keeping abreast of current trends in design and develop oneself as design professionals for local as well as International environments.


Graduate Attributes