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CategoryBorrowing Facility
  Books Days International Magazine Indian Magazine Days Audiovisual Days
Students 3 15 2 1 8 1 (with permission of HOD) 3
Permanent Faculty 20 30 2 2 15 4 15
Sister Institutes of Symbiosis 4 8 0 0 0 0 0
Administrative Staff 10 30 1 1 8 2 8


Borrowing Rules


  1.   Students can issue 3 Books for 15 days. I-Card is a must while issuing of book.
  2.   Books returned after Due Date will be charged a fine Rs.10/- per day from the due date.
  3.   Students can issue 2 International Magazine for 8 days, if return after due date Rs.50/- will be charge as a fine per day.
  4.   Students can issue 1 National Magazine for 8 days, if return after due date Rs.10/- will be charge as a fine per day.
  5.   Faculty members can Issue 20 books for 1 month.
  6.   All Library users will get Library material as Library Rules.
  7.   For lost book/magazine student has to replace the new book with the fine. And in case the book or magazine is rare/out of print, then actual cost as per the   Accession Register.
  8.   Fine for overdue documents, damage documents, and loss resources etc. students should pay the fine as per the library rules which are approved by library committee. (for details students can visit the library).
  9.   If library book/magazine lost or misplace by student immediately he/she should report to library. Whenever student report to library for lost his/her daily fine will be stop on the date of reported. Else fine will be increase per day as per the rule.


Other Services



Current Awareness service.


Document Delivery Service.

Online lectures

Library In charge is conducting the lectures for users and explained how to use e-resources.


Through the library orientation done every year in the library.

Computerized services

Users can search the library resources online through OPAC (symbiosis-koha.informindia.co.in). In the case of multiple copies, one can reserve a copy only if all copies of the title are issued. Member can recommend books for the library through OPAC.

Online Access to E –resources

The Library has subscribed databases like EBSCO, Emerald Insight, JOSTOR, etc., SID Library has subscribed ten e-journals of Sage Publication.

Inter Library Loan

The Library has ILL Service to all sister Institutes of SIU, from 2012 ILL service is used by SIS, SIMS, SCMC, SSLA, SLS, SSIS, Symbiosis Society, & Central Library SIU, eight institutional memberships namely

Reading Room & Thinking Room

SID Library have a reading hall facility for users. There is a discussion area in Library called “Thinking Room” backyard with greenery in site. Other than reading hall reading tables are spread all over the library near book racks. About 100 students can seat at a time.

A 3 Table Top Scanner:

Scan Snap SV600 makes overhead scanning simple, providing users with limitless possibilities.SV600 is ready to scan in just 3 seconds! With an advanced cropping and orientation technology built-in, Scan Snap SV600 can scan several business cards, photo Collection Development: Any member of SID may recommend the purchase of the relevant book to the librarian. Books from vendors on approval will be available in the library from time to time. All members are encouraged to peruse the titles on display and make recommendations. Recommendation forms are available at the library.

A3 Table Top Scanner

New Arrival:

The library has a practice of new arrival. Whenever the library procured new resources, library staff display all the new resources for two weeks on the new arrival before being available for general circulation.

Circulation of Materials:

The library has user’s library cards for each user of the library. The user has used these cards for the transaction of library resources also library staff used Koha for circulation. A member may have a maximum of three books and at a time. The books are issued out for a maximum of two weeks, and then they may be renewed for one week. Bound journals may be issued out for a maximum of three days.