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 The constitution of the Library Committee June 2022 - May 2025 is as follows: 


1. Dr. Sanjeevani Ayachit Director Chairperson
2. Dr. Pranita Ranade Dy. Director Library Faculty In Charge
3. Dr. Manohar Desai Associate Professor​ Member
4. Mr. Prasanna Halbe Associate Professor​ Member
5. Dr. Nitin Hadap Assistant Professor Member
6. Ms. Shraddha Sakhalkar Assistant Professor Member 
7. Mr. Dipak Divekar Office Superintendent Member 
8. Mr.Sahasrabudhe Siddharth Student(22080121133) 2nd year PD Member 
9. Ms. Mrinalini Ravindra Student(22080121234) 2nd year FD Member
10. Vidya Dhanwantari Library In Charge  Secretory
11. Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal Dy. Librarian  Invitee Member