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 The constitution of the Library Committee June 2022 - May 2025 is as follows: 


1. Dr. Sanjeevani Ayachit Director Chairperson
2. Dr. Pranita Ranade Dy. Director Library Faculty In Charge
3. Dr. Manohar Desai Associate Professor​ Member
4. Mr. Prasanna Halbe Associate Professor​ Member
5. Dr. Nitin Hadap Assistant Professor Member
6. Ms. Shraddha Sakhalkar Assistant Professor Member 
7. Mr. Dipak Divekar Office Superintendent Member 
8. Ms. Thakur Aryaki Student ( 19080121010 ) 3rd Year GD Member 
9. Ms. Roselyn Pareira Student(19080121164) 3rd year FD Member
10. Vidya Dhanwantari Library In Charge  Secretory
11. Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal Dy. Librarian  Invitee Member