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BEST PRACTICES - Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)

Symbiosis Institute of Design is known for transforming and empowering students who come from diverse backgrounds by providing social awareness through design education, development of social and moral responsibility and providing services to the society through user centric design research by participation and reflection.

Practices like experiential learning, using audio-visual aides (such as screening of films and plays, displaying paintings, photographs etc.), and holding talks by experts in certain given fields endorses a student centric, self-directing pedagogy. Through constructive feedbackopen communication, inculcating a culture of critical thinking and holding an array of in-depth discussions, the institute has managed to uplift its students to be more self-reliant, career oriented and great leaders. The teaching culture here seeks to highlight and thereby have the students appreciate that the true essence of life lies outside the bounds of black and white, and in a wide varieties of shades. The students learn to think beyond right-wrong, profit-loss, abnormal-normal, and start an educative experience on range not limited by these extremities. This is also possible through the individualized mentoring and counselling that the teachers provide to the students.


( 1 ) Shilpkatha- An annual craft initiative at SID

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( 2 ) Design Showcase


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