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Soft Skills


Soft skills are an important aspect of any student's life. Soft skills are personal attributes that influence how well you can work or interact with others. These skills make it easier to form relationships with people, create trust and dependability, and lead teams. In essence, they are essential for the students success in the workplace, success in their professional and personal life.

Most interactions with other people require some level of soft skills. In the professional life students might have to present new idea to colleagues, network for a new job, negotiate to win a new contract, and so on. Soft skills are crucial everyday tools that will help accelerate career progression.

On the other hand, a lack of soft skills can limit students potential. The aim of this activity is to develop strong leadership, delegation, teamwork, and communication abilities, to help run projects more smoothly, and improve how you interact with others.


Areas that benefit due to the importance of soft skills.

  1. Career progression and promotion
  2. The modern workplace is interpersonal
  3. Customers and clients demand soft skills
  4. The future workplace will rely on soft skills
  5. Soft skills are in high demand by recruiters

The soft skills sessions in college includes:


Personal Skills: Assertiveness, Stress reduction, Active Listening, Communication, Problem solving etc.

Professional Skills: Corporate & Business Etiquette, Time management, Teamwork, Emails, Presentation skills etc.

Placement-related skills: CV Writing; Interview Skills, Group Discussions etc.


The soft skills sessions focus on the following areas-


Introduction to soft skills and why they are required. Improving success ratio and performance through goal setting, Failure Management. Interpersonal skills including Team building and Leadership basics (Tower building activity)

Communication / listening skills. Personality and attitude development. Resume building (Poster activity)

Interview Skills – Theory and Practical sessions

Presentation skills and Public speaking. Time and Stress Management. Workplace skills and Cross cultural skills. Business etiquette and Social grace


Most sought after soft skills


  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Social skills
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Adaptability


List of Programmes conducted on Soft Skills


Academic Year

Name of capacity development and skills enhancement schemes

Date of Implementation

No. of students enrolled

Name of Agencies/ Consultants Involved


Soft skills



Dr. Sucheta Shinde & Reshma Wable, edX and Iconic Lifeskills


Soft skills



Keyur Sahasrabuddhe


Soft skills



Motiya Basargekar, Triluminous


Soft skills



Ujjwala Phalke


Soft skills



Nirupama Patwardhan, Talentaide


Soft skills



Smartness Academy – Ujwal Tawade