International Yoga Day Celebrated

International Yoga Day

Symbiosis Celebrated 1st International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2015. Close to 1200 Students and Staff practised Yoga at Symbiosis International University Lavale Campus.

Yoga’s primary emphasis is on general well-being. Yoga employs a broad holistic approach that focuses on teaching people a new lifestyle, way of thinking, and way of being in the world. Yoga is the best way found out to free the mind from mental disturbances, calming the spirit & steadying the breathing pattern.

Benefits of Yoga
  • It strengthens the back & abdominal area
  • A best way to let go of stress and tensions and eliminate toxins through perspiration
  • Yoga helps augment physical stamina and one’s ability to focus on any task for long
  • Yoga helps heal, detoxify and rouse the body and mind
  • It physically and mentally challenges the practitioner to connect to an inner power
  • It cultivates physical strength and improves health along with the mind power