Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Mahendra Patel has been awarded 'Lifetime Achievement Award' on 27th February 2016 at Typoday 2016 in Bangalore.

Prof. Mahendra Patel

Professor Mahendra Patel, one of the finest teachers of Design, taught students for 40 years. His areas of expertise include Typography, Typeface design, Signage Systems and Information Maps and Charts. He pioneered developments in these fields. Since 2004, he has retired from being a full time faculty at NID. He now spends his time on projects and conducts workshops at different design institutes.

He has worked on type design development projects in Devanagari, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil scripts. He now plans to work on Matching Font Design Family across all 9 major Indian scripts.

He has designed detailed Tourist and Bus-route Maps, Guide Maps, Irrigation & Ecology Maps and Industrial & Archaeological Maps. He has designed the Signage Design System for Tirupati and Hyderabad City.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Prof. Mahendra Patel

He was the recipient of the 18th Gutenberg Award for his contribution to Typography in 2010. And, he was honoured with the Design Grandmaster Award during the Icograda Design Week in India at IIT Bombay during 2007.

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